As Trump keeps citing the military, a Los Angeles Veteran running for Assembly says Donald Trump is to blame

LOS ANGELES, CA – As the government heads towards a shutdown, California Assembly candidate and Iraq War veteran Steve Dunwoody is speaking out about its impact on Californians, Dreamers, troops and veterans, and why Donald Trump and the Republicans are to blame.

In a statement, Dunwoody said:

“We have over 200,000 Dreamers in California, and they are now being held hostage by this racist president. The ransom is billions of taxpayer dollars for a wall that he told everyone Mexico would pay for.  As if that was not enough, Donald Trump is now willing to shut down the entire government over it.  Shutting down the government would affect millions of Californians who depend on government jobs, services, and benefits. 

But, Donald Trump is also putting our military and our veterans at risk.  As a veteran, I find it appalling that Donald Trump is willing to cut off compensation benefits, pension benefits and educational benefits for veterans, and shut down services for military families, all in his quest to extract tax dollars for a hateful boondoggle.

In these times, it is essential that our state houses do all they can to protect the most vulnerable from the damage being wrought by Donald Trump. In Sacramento, I will give voice to those who need it the most, and do all I can to ensure that the Golden State remains a beacon of hope during these trying times.”