Statement of Steve Dunwoody, Candidate for Assembly in California’s 54th District, on Assemblymember Sebastian Ridley-Thomas’ Retirement

Los Angeles, CA — Steve Dunwoody, the leading candidate to become the next Assemblymember from California’s 54th Assembly District, today is wishing Assemblymember Sebastian Ridley-Thomas well, in his future endeavors.

Ridley-Thomas has let the Speaker know about his intention to retire at the end of this term.
“I wish Assemblymember Ridley-Thomas and his family prayers for his recovery, and sincerely hope he has years of good health, happiness, and blessings,” said Dunwoody.
“As our campaign has grown, and gained support at a fast clip, we’ve seen people looking for new leadership,” he added. “Our campaign is a home for progressives - women, people of color, the LGBT community, from the youth vote to Seniors. It is also a campaign for all entrepreneurs, labor union members, and independent voters looking for a home and a voice. We are building a broad based campaign to bring our strong progressive voices to Sacramento.”

Dunwoody’s campaign has attracted a wide array of support including:

  • Hon. Meghan Sahli-Wells, Culver City Council Member*
  • Hon. Kelly Kent, Ph.D., Culver City School District Board Member*
  • Anthony Williams, President of the National Black Veterans Association - LA Chapter*
  • Hon. Aura Vasquez, LA Department of Water & Power and League of Conservation Voters Board Member*
  • Hon. Betsy Butler, Fmr. CA State Assemblymember
  • Hon. Nancy Pearlman, Fmr. LA Community College District Board Member
  • Gustavo Sustaita, Fmr. South Los Angeles Planning Commissioner
  • Joseph Luis Piñon, Fmr. Environmental Commission Chair
  • R. L. Miller, Environmental Caucus Chair, California Democratic Party* 
  • John Jake, Entrepreneur and Fmr. Vice Chair, New Frontier (African-American) Democratic Club*
  • Loren Scott, Education Labor Leader & VP, West LA Democratic Club*
  • Dr. David Haake, West LA Sierra Club, President*
  • Sheila Mickelson, Westside Democratic Club Leader
  • Andrea Leon-Grossman, Food & Water Watch*
  • Fernando Morales, LA Young Democratic Club Leader
  • Esther Lim, American Civil Liberties Union*
  • Dr. Khin Khin Gyi, Sierra Club/Physicians for Social Responsibility* 
  • Daniel Lee, James Lawson Institute for Nonviolent Action*
  • Rebecca Rona-Tuttle, South LA Health Projects*
  • Jillian Dunn, Marketing and Social Impact Consultant
  • Elina Antoniou, Litigation Attorney
  • Tom Camarella, Labor Attorney
  • Alex Fisch, Environmental Attorney
  • Mattias Lehman, Millennial/Democratic Party Activist 
  • David Levitus, Progressive and Jewish Community Leader
  • Sean Kolodji, Stonewall (LGBT) Democratic Club Activist
  • Jonathan Abboud, Community College Board Trustee/VP & Founder, 
  • Reclaim Tuition Free Higher Education*
  • Bill Nuttle, Westside Progressive Activist
  • Jameson Cherilus, Actor and Activist
  • Patrick Whitty, Clean Energy Entrepreneur