Steve Dunwoody Gains Endorsement of Our Revolution

“Steve Dunwoody is a distinguished former serviceman who knows what it takes to make progressive change happen"


LOS ANGELES, CA -  Our Revolution, the grassroots group founded by Senator Bernie Sanders after his 2016 presidential campaign, has announced its endorsement of Steve Dunwoody for California State Assembly representing District 54. He is also endorsed by the local Our Revolution group, The Monkey Wrench Brigade. 

Dunwoody grew up the son of union auto assembly workers and community business owners. During his time at Kent State University, he enlisted in the Air National Guard which helped him pay for college.

“Steve Dunwoody is a distinguished former serviceman who knows what it takes to make progressive change happen,” said Our Revolution President Nina Turner. “From his experience serving in the Obama Administration, to working on Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign, and with Vet Voice, Steve has a strong record of advocating for working people and will work hard in the state legislature to pass policies that benefit everyday people, not special interests."

“This campaign is all about sending a fighter to Sacramento, to never back down when it comes to advocating for the people of our district, and to reject the corporate special interests who have bought too many of our politicians, and drowned out the voice of the people,” said Dunwoody.  “I am ready to head to the state capital and fight in a way that the people need now more than ever. I am so proud to have the endorsement of progressive warriors, like Our Revolution, who will help our campaign win.”

Our Revolution supports progressive champions at every level of government. By supporting candidates up and down the ballot, they are transforming our political and economic systems to make them responsive to the needs of working families.

Dunwoody backs transformation of our bail, incarceration systems

Our current money bail system in California criminalizes poverty and perpetuates injustice. Thousands of people sit in jails around the state, convicted of no crime, merely because they are poor and can't afford to pay bail or bond. The mentally ill are some of the most vulnerable to being left behind or forgotten by our justice system. They sit in terrible conditions, removed from family and friends, and lose out on jobs. Their legal representation suffers and so does their chances of a fair trial. This is why I support California Senate Bill 10 which would transform the bail system so it operates on principles of justice. And we need to do a lot more to create better conditions throughout our incarceration system, especially for those with mental disabilities who are especially at risk of harm.

Learn more about the full platform here ->.



Group says Dunwoody is the candidate with "independence and courage" to fight special interests

LOS ANGELES, CA – One of the leaders in fighting for clean food and water, Food and Water Action, is today endorsing Steve Dunwoody for Assembly, in California's 54th District.

In a statement, Adam Scow, California Director of Food and Water Action, said:

“Food & Water Action strongly endorses Steve Dunwoody for State Assembly. Steve understands that California must take bold action to transition off of fossil fuels in order to avoid climate disaster and to improve public health. Steve understands that urban oil drilling and fracking in California are a major threat to our communities and must be stopped. California desperately needs more legislators who have both the independence and courage to take on large corporate interests that have a stranglehold over state policy.”

Dunwoody, accepting the endorsement, said:

“Food & Water Action is fearless in the fight against toxic pollution that’s making our communities sick. I’m honored to have their endorsement. As Donald Trump attacks the environmental protections that keep us safe, we can’t afford 'business as usual. Democratic politics.”


CNA says Dunwoody is the candidate with "the backbone and experience" to turn single-payer, guaranteed health care into a reality in California

LOS ANGELES, CA – The influential California Nurses Association, representing 95,000 registered nurses, is officially endorsing Steve Dunwoody’s campaign for Assembly, in California’s 54th Assembly District, today.

The CNA endorsement represents the largest organizational endorsement in the race, building on a number of other recent endorsements for the campaign.

In a statement, Malinda Markowitz, co-president of California Nurses Association, said:

“Steve Dunwoody is a fighter for single-payer healthcare for Californians, and has the backbone and experience that we’re going to need in the Assembly to turn single-payer, guaranteed healthcare for all into a reality. 

Steve has been there with us in this fight, and we’re proud to be there with his campaign for assembly.  We’ll do all we can to let people know what kind of champion they’ll have in Sacramento, with Steve Dunwoody, and we’re proud to endorse him."

Dunwoody, accepting the endorsement, said:

“The California Nurses Association has been at the forefront of the fight to ensure every Californian has guaranteed, quality health care as a fundamental human right. In Sacramento, I am going to be fighting right alongside them.

California has a historic opportunity to become the model for the entire country for how health care should work, and we must seize upon that opportunity, without delay. I am humbled, and honored, to have our campaign endorsed by such a well-respected, and impactful group, and I cannot wait to get to work with them, in the Assembly.”

From Nancy Pearlman, ​Trustee Emeritus, LA Community College District to The Heart of LA Democratic Club

From: Nancy Pearlman, rustee Emeritus, Los Angeles Community College District To: The Heart of LA Democratic Club Dear Heart of LA Members,

As a long-time feminist, environmentalist and public servant, I am pleased to endorse Steve Dunwoody in his efforts to become my next Assemblyperson in the 54th. For over 16 years (four terms), I served as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles Community College District. There are special qualities to be an elected official, and I believe that Steve has those abilities.

During my political career, I have seen a number of people come and go in public life. Some good, some not so good, and some fantastic. We most recently had a vacancy in the 54th District due to the resignation of Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, who, to say the least, was not progressive, and might I add, actually hampered our progress as women, with votes against ending the “tampon tax” and against paid family leave.

Fortunately, Steve Dunwoody was willing to challenge Ridley-Thomas but now faces challenges from others. Steve risked both his personal career and prospects of a future political career by taking on an incumbent with a popular family name and establishment support. This is certainly dedication to the position.

Steve has been campaigning for six months now, based on the idea that “we deserve better” than what we have been getting from our elected leaders, in Sacramento. He wants to champion issues such as gender pay equality, 12-week paid family leave, protecting our families from environmental hazards and guaranteeing healthcare for every Californian. He will, of course, stand up for OUR RIGHT to choose!

Now that this seat is open, we need to elect a champion of social and environmental justice causes. While he served as California Director of the Vet Voice Foundation, using the voices of veterans to speak out on public policy issues, Steve championed legislation to protect the San Gabriel Mountains from drilling interests and also advocated for SB 32 and SB350 in Sacramento, two important climate change bills. In our district, he worked with others in the community around the health and safety issues involving the Inglewood Oil Field, speaking before the Culver City Council on the need to find a long term solution to protect the health and well-being of our families.

Steve also took on powerful corporate interests like Big Pharma to fight for lower drug costs, leading to the current discussions on how to achieve single-payer healthcare in California.

I served on the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees with Sydney Kamlager, who recently entered the race for the 54th. As a strong feminist, I know it’s important that women are represented in public office. But, while I respect Sydney, in this election we need more than that. We need people who are committed to the issues and have the courage to make hard decisions when it’s risky, not when it’s safe or simply the next step in their careers.

I ask you to please support Steve Dunwoody. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Nancy Pearlman

Trustee Emeritus, Los Angeles Community College District

Anthropology Professor Environmental Documentarian and Radio and TV Broadcaster Candidate 2018 for District 3,

California Board of Equalization

P. O. Box 351419, Los Angeles, CA 90035


As Trump keeps citing the military, a Los Angeles Veteran running for Assembly says Donald Trump is to blame

LOS ANGELES, CA – As the government heads towards a shutdown, California Assembly candidate and Iraq War veteran Steve Dunwoody is speaking out about its impact on Californians, Dreamers, troops and veterans, and why Donald Trump and the Republicans are to blame.

In a statement, Dunwoody said:

“We have over 200,000 Dreamers in California, and they are now being held hostage by this racist president. The ransom is billions of taxpayer dollars for a wall that he told everyone Mexico would pay for.  As if that was not enough, Donald Trump is now willing to shut down the entire government over it.  Shutting down the government would affect millions of Californians who depend on government jobs, services, and benefits. 

But, Donald Trump is also putting our military and our veterans at risk.  As a veteran, I find it appalling that Donald Trump is willing to cut off compensation benefits, pension benefits and educational benefits for veterans, and shut down services for military families, all in his quest to extract tax dollars for a hateful boondoggle.

In these times, it is essential that our state houses do all they can to protect the most vulnerable from the damage being wrought by Donald Trump. In Sacramento, I will give voice to those who need it the most, and do all I can to ensure that the Golden State remains a beacon of hope during these trying times.”



“We don't have a moment to spare to bring housing costs under control.  People in our community need relief, now.” 

LOS ANGELES, CA, January 11, 2018 – Today, in the California Assembly's housing committee, a bill sponsored by Assemblymember Richard Bloom (AB-1506) failed in a 3-2 vote.  In response, Democratic progressive candidate for the 54th Assembly District’s special election, Steve Dunwoody, released the following statement
“As housing costs soar, putting the squeeze on those struggling to make rent every month, we need solutions that will put bring down housing costs in California. 
Those who voted down and would not support today's vote on this housing bill, had better be prepared with solutions right now for the people of our state, as to how we are going to deal with the skyrocketing rental rates, which are forcing people to move or putting them on the streets.
In Sacramento, keeping housing costs under control will be a top priority of mine.  We need to take action on more than just rent control, though.  We need to ensure that a significant percentage of new housing development includes affordable housing, and that we create more community land trusts, to spur the growth of more permanent affordable housing.

We don't have a moment to spare to bring housing costs under control.  People in our community need relief, now, and you can be assured that I’ll make that very loud and clear in the Assembly.”


Americans for Democratic Action of Southern California says Dunwoody is an “example of someone who talks the talk and walks the walk.”
LOS ANGELES, CA – Adding to his quickly growing list of endorsements, Steve Dunwoody’s campaign for Assembly, in California’s 54th Assembly District, is being endorsed by Americans for Democratic Action of Southern California, today.
In a statement, Clifford Tasner, President of ADA SoCal said:
“Steve Dunwoody is exactly the kind of activist that ADA SoCal admires.  He's a veteran who has used his voice to speak out on environmental issues and economic justice.  He went up and down the state with Bernie Sanders trying to help pass Prop. 61, which would have reduced the cost of prescription drugs for Californians.  He's an example of someone who talks the talk and walks the walk.  He campaigns for this assembly seat not out of any sense of long-held desire for the seat, but because he sees a deep societal need and wants to help fill it.  ADA SoCal looks forward to working with Steve Dunwoody when he gets to Sacramento, to continue building a more equitable, sustainable, just society and world!”
Dunwoody, accepting the endorsement, said:
“I’m beyond humbled to have the support and endorsement of the ADA, here in Southern California, as we continue to show that our campaign is the leading progressive voice in the race.  For decades, the ADA has been the tip of the spear on progressive solutions to the issues that face us.  From Eleanor Roosevelt to today’s leaders, the ADA has been the home of America’s most stalwart progressive voices.  It is my hope that our campaign will follow in the tradition of those leaders, and I look forward to fighting alongside the ADA in this campaign, and in Sacramento.”

Statement of Steve Dunwoody, Candidate for Assembly in California’s 54th District, on Assemblymember Sebastian Ridley-Thomas’ Retirement

Los Angeles, CA — Steve Dunwoody, the leading candidate to become the next Assemblymember from California’s 54th Assembly District, today is wishing Assemblymember Sebastian Ridley-Thomas well, in his future endeavors.

Ridley-Thomas has let the Speaker know about his intention to retire at the end of this term.
“I wish Assemblymember Ridley-Thomas and his family prayers for his recovery, and sincerely hope he has years of good health, happiness, and blessings,” said Dunwoody.
“As our campaign has grown, and gained support at a fast clip, we’ve seen people looking for new leadership,” he added. “Our campaign is a home for progressives - women, people of color, the LGBT community, from the youth vote to Seniors. It is also a campaign for all entrepreneurs, labor union members, and independent voters looking for a home and a voice. We are building a broad based campaign to bring our strong progressive voices to Sacramento.”

Dunwoody’s campaign has attracted a wide array of support including:

  • Hon. Meghan Sahli-Wells, Culver City Council Member*
  • Hon. Kelly Kent, Ph.D., Culver City School District Board Member*
  • Anthony Williams, President of the National Black Veterans Association - LA Chapter*
  • Hon. Aura Vasquez, LA Department of Water & Power and League of Conservation Voters Board Member*
  • Hon. Betsy Butler, Fmr. CA State Assemblymember
  • Hon. Nancy Pearlman, Fmr. LA Community College District Board Member
  • Gustavo Sustaita, Fmr. South Los Angeles Planning Commissioner
  • Joseph Luis Piñon, Fmr. Environmental Commission Chair
  • R. L. Miller, Environmental Caucus Chair, California Democratic Party* 
  • John Jake, Entrepreneur and Fmr. Vice Chair, New Frontier (African-American) Democratic Club*
  • Loren Scott, Education Labor Leader & VP, West LA Democratic Club*
  • Dr. David Haake, West LA Sierra Club, President*
  • Sheila Mickelson, Westside Democratic Club Leader
  • Andrea Leon-Grossman, Food & Water Watch*
  • Fernando Morales, LA Young Democratic Club Leader
  • Esther Lim, American Civil Liberties Union*
  • Dr. Khin Khin Gyi, Sierra Club/Physicians for Social Responsibility* 
  • Daniel Lee, James Lawson Institute for Nonviolent Action*
  • Rebecca Rona-Tuttle, South LA Health Projects*
  • Jillian Dunn, Marketing and Social Impact Consultant
  • Elina Antoniou, Litigation Attorney
  • Tom Camarella, Labor Attorney
  • Alex Fisch, Environmental Attorney
  • Mattias Lehman, Millennial/Democratic Party Activist 
  • David Levitus, Progressive and Jewish Community Leader
  • Sean Kolodji, Stonewall (LGBT) Democratic Club Activist
  • Jonathan Abboud, Community College Board Trustee/VP & Founder, 
  • Reclaim Tuition Free Higher Education*
  • Bill Nuttle, Westside Progressive Activist
  • Jameson Cherilus, Actor and Activist
  • Patrick Whitty, Clean Energy Entrepreneur