What We're Fighting For

In California, we have a unique opportunity to thwart Trump and to advance policies that will create an environment of justice.

But corporate and special interest money has flooded Sacramento. It’s preventing our elected officials from making good on their progressive rhetoric. Many of our representatives take dirty money and vote the wrong way when they think no one is watching.

Enough is enough. It’s time to put people first.  



Economic opportunity should be the rule, not the exception. You shouldn’t have to constantly worry about your finances and what the future holds. Steve has a plan to create shared prosperity by pushing for living wage jobs, guaranteeing workers' rights, supporting sustainable industries, and giving communities access to capital.


Fighting Climate Change & Pollution Locally

Burning endless amounts of oil, coal, and gas has been a disaster for our planet and our city. Global warming threatens the health and prosperity of humankind, especially those who can least afford to adapt. And our own district is home to the largest urban oil field in the country. That drilling is resulting in high rates of asthma and cancer in our communities. Steve will stand up to Big Oil and fight to end toxic drilling across our district while pushing for 100% clean energy from wind and solar across California by 2035.



Health care should be a right, not a privilege. You shouldn’t have to worry about monthly premiums skyrocketing every year or whether your co-pays and deductibles are going to prevent you from covering your rent and groceries. Together we will confront Big Pharma and the insurance companies that profit by denying us medical care when we need it. We will fight for and win comprehensive healthcare for every Californian, guaranteed.


ensuring housing that is affordable

Everyone deserves a decent place to live. You shouldn’t have to struggle to spend half your income on housing or be squeezed out of your neighborhood. Big corporate landlords and deep-pocketed developers shouldn’t be dictating our housing policy. We will fight to preserve existing housing, reduce displacement, and invest in affordable housing by making speculators and developers pay their fair share.


California Family Values

California family values are about supporting every family with comprehensive paid leave and childcare, ensuring every woman has control of her body, and continuing the fight for LGBT equality.


A Justice System That Works For OUR Communities

Our communities will not be free from fear until we transform our criminal justice system so it is set up to invest in people, not to profit from mass incarceration. Racial inequality currently permeates the system and powerful economic interests benefit from the status quo. Steve will fight to transform our law enforcement and incarceration systems so they reflect the principles of justice and the community-based strategies that are proven to work.



Every Californian deserves access to excellent education. Decades of cuts have decimated a system that once led the world from kindergarten through graduate school. We will fight for a strong education system with strong, well-funded K-12 schools and guaranteed higher education for all who want to attend.




Fighting back against the harassment/assault which runs rampant in the State Capitol is personal for Steve.

As a gay Black man who served in the military during the era of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” Steve experienced sexual harassment himself. He is committed to ending the culture and structures that allow sexual harassment and assault to go unchecked. He supports policies proposed by the women's group "We Said Enough" such as anonymous reporting and whistleblower protections.