Veteran | Environmentalist | Community Champion

  • Served as the California Director of the Vet Voice Foundation, organizing 50,000 veterans to speak for the environment, healthcare, education, LGBT & civil rights.
  • Took on Big Pharma to lower drug costs by barnstorming across California with Bernie Sanders for Prop 61.
  • Served in the Obama White House, launching a program to get jobs for veterans in the energy sector and briefing top level staff.
  • Joined Air National Guard to pay for college, served a tour of duty as a financial manger with a reconstruction unit in Iraq.
  • Fought to protect the people of Culver City and LA from fracking of the nearby Inglewood Oil Field.

Steve is the ONLY candidate who rejects all special interest funding. 

Unlike the other candidates, he hasn’t taken a cent from Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Developers, or Corporate Landlords.

Steve is the ONLY candidate committed to:

  • Protect our families from Toxic Pollution and Fight Climate Change by: 
    • Ending all drilling in the Inglewood Oil Field
    • Setting California on a path to 100% clean energy by 2035
  • Guarantee Universal Healthcare by:
    • Passing Healthy California (SB 562) and Medicare For All
  • Deal with Our Housing Affordability Crisis by:
    • Repealing Costa Hawkins and the Ellis Act so we can prevent people from getting priced out of their communities
    • Making developers include affordable housing in their buildings
  • Restore the greatness of our Public Colleges & Universities by:
    • Return to pre-2000 levels of funding per student
    • Making the full four years of tuition free for all in-state students
  • Defend Civil and Immigrant Rights by:
    • Giving independent investigators and prosecutors the ability to file criminal charges when police action results in the loss of human life
    • Prohibiting police collaboration with the Trump deportation machine
  • Supporting women, men, children and families by
    • Entitling employees to 12-weeks paid family leave and fair scheduling
    • Putting us on a path to high-quality universal childcare and pre-school


That's why it's so important you vote for Steve Dunwoody on June 5!



  • California Nurses Association
  • Americans for Democratic Action
  • Food and Water Watch
  • Our Revolution
  • Jackie Goldberg CA Assemblymember, 2001-2007
  • Nancy Pearlman, LA Community College Board Trustee, 2001-2017
  • R.L. Miller, CA Democratic Party Environmental Caucus Chair
  • Susie Shannon, SoCal Chair, Progressive Caucus of CA Democratic Party