Housing for All


Everyone deserves a decent place to live. You shouldn’t have to struggle to pay your rent or to worry about a landlord evicting you to make way for wealthier residents.

Homelessness is rampant and our state has a record number of residents who spend more than one-third or even a majority of their income on housing. Too many people in our communities are being pushed out. These costs and displacement undermine our economic vitality.

Big corporate landlords and deep-pocketed developers shouldn’t be dictating our housing policy. We will fight to preserve existing housing, reduce displacement, and invest in affordable housing by making speculators and developers pay their fair share.

1. We need to institute strong protections for tenants.

  • Cities need the power to the strengthen rent control and to prevent landlords and developers from evicting long-time tenants.
  • We can start by repealing the Costa-Hawkins Act and reforming the Ellis Act.


2. We need to make sure a significant percentage of new private housing development is dedicated to be permanently affordable to low-income families.

There isn't enough funding to build all the affordable housing our state needs. But by capturing the value created by building more densely, especially near transit, we can have private developers create a large share of the affordable units we need.


3. Community land trusts are a proven tool to provide permanently affordable housing.

Housing shouldn't be a commodity. Land trusts give ownership of land and housing to a resident-governed board which is mandated to make the housing available to those with lower incomes. These trusts are an excellent tool for reducing speculation and ought to encourage the creation of more of them and the growth of the existing land trusts in South LA.