We Deserve Better

As we fight off Trump, we need elected representatives who will stand up for our diverse communities, not just when it's convenient, but when it takes real courage. The time for "business as usual" Democratic politics is over.

We have the opportunity to go beyond protesting Trump. We can transform California into a model of progress for the nation.

Our movement's agenda is clear — we stand for protections from toxic pollution, a 100% clean energy system that contributes to widely shared prosperity, universal healthcare and education, housing that's affordable, a justice system that works for our communities, and California family values — comprehensive paid leave and childcare, plus full equality for women and the LGBT community.

We are building a people-powered campaign to bring community voices to Sacramento, and to build a movement that will make California shine even brighter as a progressive beacon of hope for the nation.

I hope you will join us by making a contribution or signing up to volunteer.

--Steve Dunwoody


You make this campaign Possible

This is a people powered campaign whose support comes from folks like you.

Thank you for your supporttogether, we will win!