Comprehensive healthcare for all — GUARANTEED



Health care should be a right, not a privilege.

You shouldn’t have to worry about monthly premiums skyrocketing every year or whether your co-pays and deductibles are going to prevent you from covering your rent or paying for your kids' college tuition.

Together we will confront Big Pharma and insurance companies profiting off the denial of care and fight like hell for a program that guarantees healthcare for every single Californian.

  • Steve is committed to collaborating with his Democratic colleagues to tackle tricky program details and bring single-payer to our state.
  • This is a wealthy state in the wealthiest nation on Earth — we can make the numbers work.

We will fight the Trump administration whenever it tries to undermine the Affordable Care Act and all the new rights it gives us. When the administration, slashes funding for maternal health and other social safety net programs, we’ll push to expand state-based programs to fill the gap, so no one goes without the coverage they deserve.

Reproductive justice is a top priority. California has passed a lot of good policies in support of over the last several years. We need to make sure the policies are implemented fully and that reproductive health clinics don’t close down due to lack of resources.

Unlike the incumbent, Steve will vote to eliminate the “tampon tax,” which unfairly burdens millions of women when they buy basic health necessities.

We will champion policies to address the intense health crises among Black families and among the LGBTQ community.

  • It is unacceptable that maternal and infant death rates among the African-American community are four times as high as the general population.
  • It is unacceptable that STI rates are astronomical among the Black and Latino LGBTQ community.

Steve will be a leader on these issues that far too few politicians are discussing.