Economic Opportunity


Economic opportunity is at the heart of the American Dream.

But too many of us are struggling to get by. No matter how much money you’re earning this year, you probably feel insecure about the future. 

Big banks get sweetheart deals, while small businesses struggle to access capital and employees are forced to work harder and longer with less job security. That's not fair and it's not good for our economy.

Steve has a plan to create shared prosperity by pushing for living wage jobs, guaranteeing workers' rights, supporting sustainable industries, and giving communities access to capital.



1. Closing the Pay Gap

Working full-time should be a recipe for economic advancement. That's why Steve supports the Fight for $15 and a living wage.

It's important that we explore ways to counter the pay inequities along racial and gender lines. Steve is a strong supporter of a recently passed bill that prohibits employers from asking about job applicant's past incomes.


2. Workers’ Rights and A Strong Labor Movement

Steve will champion the right of workers in all industries and sectors to bargain collectively, including those unfairly classified as contractors, so that all jobs are good jobs.

Workers ought to treated with dignity, get their schedules ahead of time, and not be subject to economic insecurity and day-to-day chaos that "flexible scheduling" often produces.

A strong, growing labor movement is key to economic security and the fight for a just society.




    3. Sustainable Jobs

    • Champion sustainable industries like green energy and clean tech whose innovation is good for the planet and will continue creating millions of good paying jobs for ordinary Californians.
    • Keep the entertainment industry in L.A. and encourage production companies to hire small local businesses.



    4. Capital for Communities

    • Promote access to capital in disadvantaged communities to start businesses.
    • Encourage and support employee-owned businesses.
    • Create a California State Bank.
    • Crackdown on payday lenders who exploit poor families’ lack of access to capital to charge exorbitant interest rates.