Protecting Our Environment &

Fighting Climate Change Locally


Climate change is real and we need to fight it on all fronts, starting close to home. Getting to 100% clean energy over the next two decades will create millions of jobs and reduce the pollution that's harming our communities.

Our district is home to the largest urban oil field in the country and it’s making our families sick. Every single one of our elected officials should be working to protect our families from the toxins released by oil drilling, hazardous waste facilities, and even consumer products and industrially-produced food.

Steve will stand up to Big Oil, demanding they stop contaminating our neighborhoods and pay for the harm they've caused. We will turn the polluting morass into sites for solar panels, wind turbines, and public green space.


1. Our first priority is to protect our communities from the toxins that come from oil drilling, refineries, hazardous waste facilities, and household products.

We can no longer accept the oil drilling that pollutes our communities – in West Adams, Culver City, Ladera Heights, Baldwin Hills, and beyond – and endangers our health. This is matter of environmental justice. A majority of the people living within five miles of the Inglewood Oil Field are African-American. They are suffering disproportionately from the increased rates of asthma, cancer, and other illnesses caused by drilling.

Oil companies should disclose the chemicals they use in drilling, fracking, and refining. They need to install monitoring systems to so we can be sure toxins aren’t leaking into our air, water, and soil.

We need more frequent inspections of hazardous waste facilities and more accountable oversight of toxic site cleanups.

We will work to pass a law that gives back local governments the power to protect us from heavy-polluting factories and refineries that emit toxins that pollute the air and water in our neighborhoods. 

  Active Oil Wells in Our Area

Active Oil Wells in Our Area

2.  We will fight to keep California as a world leader in the battle against climate change and to push for programs that benefit our district's communities directly.

We will fight for measures that get our state to 100% clean energy by 2035.

We need to invest even more of the money raised from the "cap and trade" system into urban greening. Los Angeles has less parks accessibility than most large cities and less tree cover too. This is an especially severe problem in the neighborhoods that are predominantly Black and Latino.

Planting trees and creating parks is a sure way to keep our communities healthy and to keep our neighborhoods cool as temperatures rise because of climate change.


3. We will fight to make sure we don’t miss the once-in-a-century opportunity to transition to more democratic energy system and a more self-reliant water system.

Clean, renewable electricity from the sun gives us the opportunity to build a democratic energy system. Let’s figure out how low-income folks and renters can get clean energy just as quickly as homeowners along the coast.

It's time for Los Angeles to become water independent. It’s going to be more important than ever to take the rain that we get directly in L.A. because global warming is decreasing the amount of water we can get from Northern California. We can become far better at capturing, cleaning, and storing it. We have the right technology from urban greening to good filtration systems and more — now we just need the political will.



4.  We will fight protect our coasts and our oceans from threats like offshore drilling and plastic pollution.

5. We will encourage the development of technologies that remove greenhouse gases directly from the atmosphere and turns the carbon into useful products for consumers and businesses.