Every Californian deserves a quality education. Decades of cuts have decimated a system that once led the world from kindergarten through graduate schools. We will fight for a strong education system with strong, well-funded K-12 schools and guaranteed higher education for all who want to attend.

1. We need to increase funding for K-12 public schools, especially those serving disadvantaged students, and to reduce teacher shortages.

Steve supports closing loopholes in the commercial property tax code to raise more than $10 billion annually for schools, community colleges, and local services. This will allow us to restore California’s schools to the world-class excellence that existed before the passage Prop 13 in 1978 decimated their funding.

Every school that receives taxpayer dollars should be transparent in their operations, accountable for their student performance, and allow their employees to organize and bargain collectively.


2. Every in-state student ready and willing to do the work should be able to attend public college or university — just like generations of Californians before them.

Thanks to California's 1960 Master Plan for Higher Education, we once had a world-class system of public colleges and universities that were 100% tuition-free. But we've dropped the ball.

The State Legislature has cut funding for UCs and CSUs more than a dozen times. Per student spending is below year 2000 levels. It's time to reverse that decline and realize the full promise of California's higher education system. We want to build on the recently-passed guarantee of one year cost-free community college so that ultimately all students can graduate from college debt-free.