A Justice System That Works For Communities


Our communities will not be free from fear until we transform our criminal justice system so it is set up to invest in people, not to profit from mass incarceration.  

Racial inequality permeates the system. And powerful economic interests benefit from the status quo. Steve will fight to transform our law enforcement and prison systems so they reflect the principles of justice and the community-based strategies that are proven to work. It's time to shut down the school-to-prison pipeline and end the era of mass incarceration.


In the assembly, Steve will fight to:

1.  Promote policing that serves our communities by instituting better training on de-escalation and holding officers accountable when they cross the line.

2. Invest in social services and community based re-entry programs, not bigger jails and prisons.

3. End a "money bail" system that criminalizes poverty and undermines equal justice.

4. Lead an effort to divest public funds from all private prison interests.

5. Stop state and local law enforcement cooperation with Trump’s renewed War on Drugs that disproportionately criminalizes Black and Latino communities.

6. Tax marijuana and invest the money into the communities that have suffered from criminalization.

7. Prevent state and local law enforcement cooperation with Trump’s deportation machine.

Immigrants make California great. Defending them and their rights makes us all safer and more prosperous.