California Family Values


California family values are about supporting every family, ensuring every woman has control of her body and reproductive choices, and continuing the fight for LGBT equality.

1. Our state was an early pioneer in paid family leave, but we’ve fallen behind. We need to lead again with a comprehensive paid leave policy that offers 12-weeks paid leave to bond with a new child or to care for an ill family member.


2. Childcare is a challenge to nearly every growing family in this state. We need to pursue an integrated, accessible, and high-quality system of childcare and preschool programs for all California babies, toddlers and preschoolers


3. California has passed a lot of good policies in support of reproductive justice over the last several years. We need to make sure the policies are implemented fully and that reproductive health clinics don’t close down due to lack of resources.


4. We will continue the struggle for LGBT equality before the law and throughout society.