I am running to represent the 54th District in California’s State Assembly in the June 2018 primary election.  This comes after having received a tremendous outpouring of support from community leaders and activists, which tells me I have made the right decision to take on this campaign.

Since last November’s elections, we have seen an influx of people becoming involved at the local, state and national level. This creates a unique opportunity to move things forward in a progressive direction. But many of our leaders have sold out to the corporate interests like oil, pharmaceutical, payday lenders, and even the private prison interests, that undermine the changes we are trying to make in our communities.

We deserve better. I am running because it's time to protect the environment we live in and promote renewable energy, guarantee healthcare for all and create affordable housing, transportation infrastructure and schools, not prisons. Time and experience have prepared me for this challenge and with the right team to win this, I’m ready to fight for the constituents of the 54th District and California.

Ours will be a people-powered campaign to raise issues that have been ignored, put the public interest above special interests, and build a movement that will make California shine even brighter as a progressive beacon of hope for the nation.

--Steve Dunwoody


You make this campaign Possible

This is a people powered campaign whose support comes from folks like you.

Thank you for your supporttogether, we will win!